Yes, It’s True – You Can Run a Business from Your Smartphone!

With smartphones now basically a whole powerhouse within itself, it is possible for you to use that power to your advantage by using the device to run an entire business! Sounds impossible right? But believe it because it’s true. Phones provide greater speed, cloud storage, and greater durability, making them ideal to work off of? But it isn’t enough to just run a business; you need to ensure that it’s successful too. So here are some tips on how to run a successful business, right from your smartphone.

Use a Separate Phone

There are many reasons why you should keep your personal and your business phone separate. The main reason is to eliminate security concerns so that documents for business use don’t keep being opened and accessed easily on your personal smartphone. The opposite could also happen.

Install Apps That Can Be Used Across Platforms

Most applications that you would use on your laptop or computer for business use also have mobile app versions that you can download on your phone, such as the entire MS Office Suite, Google’s G Suit. You can also install tools which help coordination between all team members, such as Slack.

Keep It Simple

Don’t overcrowd your phone by downloading unnecessary apps that won’t be of any use to the business. You want to keep it simple, no extra clutter. When clutter and chaos on your smartphone rise, your productivity and profits decrease.

Figure Out Communication Channels

You don’t want to feel overwhelmed by being attacked from a number of different communication channels. Instead, figure out what channels you will be using, and for what reason. For example, email for formal requests, calls for pressing matters, etc., Slack or similar tools for informal messages.

Make Use of Voice Assistants

40% of adults have started using voice assistance every day. You should know too! It saves you from having to spend time and energy on small tasks such as writing an email or responding to a text. Your smartphone will surely come with some form of voice assistant. Utilize it, because it’s easier and quicker to say something than to type it down or have to do it physically yourself.

Set Up Your Business Email on Your Phone

Try to link your business email with your work phone, as it will make it easier for you to stay on top of things, always be in the loop, and also make it simpler for you to reply using your phone instead of having to open up your laptop. However, the issue is that some companies might not allow this due to security concerns.

You’re All Set!

If you keep all these tips in mind, then you’re good to go with your business. Remember that, though the smartphone is a strong device, you should keep it clean and controllable for your own benefit, to better focus on the important tasks instead of getting lost in the clutter. Good luck!

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