UAE Social Media Usage Statistics

What is the cause for UAE’s rush towards social media? Why over a short span of time did the people of the Middle East make social media an integral part of their lives? What do statistics show about the prevailing trends in the country and what do we learn about the reasons, let us take a look.

The Era of Technology in the World & in UAE

Countries have understood Technology’s empowering capacity all over the world and so has it been by the UAE, as a result of which the transformation of the UAE has been dynamic and has accelerated over the last few years especially in the year 2018. There are now 3.2 billion active social-media users, akin to 43 percent of the world’s population. On one side, the UAE government is working on raising the bar, and on the other side, the people who belong to the country are making increased use of technology which revolves majorly around social media.

The General Trend of Social Media in the UAE

As time’s passing by, the UAE is rapidly becoming part of the race of social media that is driving everyone crazy. This race has scored results and statistics which are surprising. The increasing demand of social media has led to the UAE adapting to the trend too, for it wants to stay behind the curve neither can any country afford to do so.

An extremely high percentage of people in the UAE make up for the stats of people who use various social media platforms. 88% of the Middle East online population makes use of various social networking sites on a daily basis. Such stats show that the UAE people are becoming more involved in the world of social media, may it be for personal interests or for the benefits of their business.

Statistics that Show the Increasing Trend in UAE

Just as the rest of the world, social media has become a major part of the life of an average citizen of the UAE. Not only has it been used to give voice to those who didn’t have much say before, but it has also been a platform for different ideologies to meet for the betterment of the country.

The people of the UAE on average, spend 2.56 hours on social media on a daily basis. Furthermore, statistics from 2018 show other various trends that highlight shocking findings of UAE and social media usage. UAE has an approximate of 9.45 million people living in, out of this huge population, 9.38 million people can be regarded as “active” social media users. Data from various surveys and researches yields a range of percentage that is around 88%-99%. Many infographics give the following statistics which are interesting to learn about:

Contradicting Findings

The numbers, infographics, and trends we have studied indicate points which go in contrary to the perception of UAE being a conservative society. Times have changed, the world is growing, and so is UAE, social media in general especially Facebook, has become an established component in their lives. It is seen to have a massive influence on the way people have started to live, think and take their decisions.




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