5 Great Ideas for Schools and Their Content Marketing

Every school is like the other. New schools are like the old ones. So what can you do to stand apart? Be a purple cow! Sounds weird right? A purple cow is a metaphor used by marketing guru Seth Godin to highlight that schools need to be different to stand out. To be different, they need to be remarkable. So read on to find out how schools can be remarkable with their content marketing.

  • Target Social Sites That Moms Use the Most

In order to reach out to the parents, you need to establish a social media presence on the site where most of your students’ parents are active. For example, Sewickley Academy is a school that does this. It found out that most of its parents were active on Pinterest and therefore it created a whole community on there (https://www.pinterest.com/sewickley1838/).

  • Use Visualizations

People are now more attracted to visual things instead of having to listen or read about the same thing. This is one key aspect for you to tap into. Take pictures often and use them anywhere you can, from blog posts and official school website to posts on social media and your newsletters. Visualizations will make everything more attractive.

  • Ask Alumni for Help

Your alumni are living proof of the successful students your school produces. Don’t let any alumni leave without sharing their thoughts on the school. These testimonials will be vital since they help prospective parents make their decision and they are more likely to trust what previous students have to say.

  • Don’t Forget YouTube

After Google, YouTube is the second largest search engine. There are more than 3 billion searches on YouTube every month (http://cohlab.com/blog/youtube-the-second-largest-search-engine.html). For this reason, YouTube is the perfect platform for you to post videos on revolving around your school.

  • Don’t Only Use One Type of Content

If you’re using only one type of content, that again will make you boring, and boring things are not purple cows. Don’t be afraid to mix and match and figure out for yourself which types of content get you the most viewership.

Bonus Tip: Celebrate Your School

One great type of content that all parents are attracted to is seeing the confidence you have in your school. Celebrate your teachers, your groundkeepers, your janitors, so parents see how hard everyone works to make the school great. Keep this and all the other tips in mind, and you’re all set!

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