The Second Safest Country to Visit in the World is now UAE

You would expect that the second safest country in the world would be something like the United States or Malaysia, Singapore, etc. You’re wrong! The second safest country in the world to visit has now become the United Arab Emirates. UAE climbed up the ladder by beating many Europeans destinations that are quite popular and the US of course. How do we know all of this and why is it so? Read on to find out!

How Are the Countries Ranked?

UAE has become the second safest country internationally according to the famous ranking site Which? Travel and their list of the top 20 most safe holiday destinations around the globe. These rankings are based on information which has been gathered from different sources, such as the World Risk Report, the World Economic Fund, the terrorism assessment risk from the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the NHS Fit for a Travel site.

All the information was then combined to give in an overall result of the safety and wellbeing standards of each country. Therefore, in the list published by Which? Travel, all the countries are ranked according to their peacefulness and safety and after calculation of their safety index, which is dependent on all the information gathered from multiple sources mentioned above.

What are Some Other Top Most Countries?

The country at the top was Iceland, with the highest safety index – something that comes as no surprise to anyone surely. Second place was won over by UAE, and then third place went to Singapore. Spain and Australia followed close behind at the fourth and fifth place respectively.

Why UAE is at Second Place

There are most likely going to be many of you who are wondering why UAE is at the second place and why not other countries that are much more expected to be at the top. There are numerous reasons for this. For starters, UAE is at the bottom of the list when it comes to the likelihood of a country to be hit by a natural disaster, holding the third place as the least likely country. The health concerns in UAE are also ones with low-risk levels.

UAE – Your Next Holiday Destination

Now that you know all about how safe and secure UAE is as a travel destination, you should start planning your next trip for the country right now! You’ll have the time of your life surely.

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