Tips on Writing a Company Newsletter That People Care About

Blasting your entire contacts list. Saying “Hi Friend”. Pushing content out so you can spread the word. Chances are these are some of the things you do very often with your company newsletter. But here’s the thing: these are also all the things you’re doing wrong in your newsletter. Keep doing this, and soon people will shun you away. So you must be interested in how to write a company newsletter that people actually want to read, right? I’ve got the solution, bringing you some tips below to help you do just that!

Don’t Target Everyone

Your content itself may be fine, good even, but the problem is that you’re targeting everyone. Which is why most people are going to mark your newsletter “Mark as Read” while never actually reading it. To ensure that such a thing stops happening, you need to start targeting the right people. As is the case with every product, it’s not meant for everyone, it’s just for a few “right” people. You need to share the newsletter with those right people to maximize the proportion of those reading it.

Segment Your Audience

Another problem with your newsletter is that you’re sending the same content to everyone, irrespective of whether it has anything to do with them or not. One secret to an amazing company newsletter is to create several different ones in fact, one for each segment of your audience. Within that audience, you can send the same content to everyone, because those are the “right” people as discussed above. But it doesn’t make sense to send the same content to multiple different segments when they aren’t interested in it.

Write in a Conversational Tone

One mistake that many make often is to write in the wrong tone. If you come across as too professional, no one will care about the newsletter as it will seem part of the job. If you come across too non-serious, the newsletter won’t be taken seriously. Instead, you want to have a conversation through your newsletter. Add a few lines of humor to keep the audience happy and feel more connected to you. This will also help increase productivity since 81% of employees say that such fun loving environments at work help increase their productivity.

Keep it Clean

A newsletter shouldn’t be cluttered. You need to keep it clean so that even though there is a lot to read, the reader doesn’t think of it as a burden. Instead, looking at the newsletter should make them think “wow this is pretty good formatting”. You can do this by using a lot of whitespaces. So leave space after every point of the paragraph, so it is more readable.

The Last Thing to Remember

Keep it simple – that is all that people need from a newsletter. Even if there’s a lot of text on there to read, if it’s formatted correctly and is sent to the write people, then you’ll be getting amazing responses for your company newsletter in no time!

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