The Most Effective Method to Create a Mobile-Friendly Website

Ever wonder why Facebook, Quora, Microsoft, Amazon has high rankings? Afterall there must be a reason for their popularity and successful user satisfaction. Which brings me to the hidden secret already within our reach, apart from the content displayed it is the way it makes the user interact with their sites through their mobile phones.

The internet is usually based on Computer and desktop-based sites, but with the creation of mobile phones, there are many challenges to provide a better Site display and operation methods across all CMS managing platforms, Educational Websites, E-mail, Internet banking services, etc. Since the operations varies in the widescreen desktop or laptop than a vertical screen mobile phone, a mobile-friendly site framework needs to be available and is a dire need in today’s fast-paced world.

Step up your Mobile-Friendly Web Site Right now:

There are numerous ways starting from programming to display which accounts for a better mobile-friendly website, here are the few effective steps to take when creating one.

  • Optimize and make your Website Responsive:

Many of the reasons for a non-friendly mobile site revolves around their theme. One must try to choose their theme according to their content and make it more creative to attract users. You can use WordPress and other site building platforms for this purpose.  One of the most notable mistakes people make is that they don’t consider to regulate their website constantly. Users are very concerned about how quickly their queries or other matters are taken into notice.

  • Increase Font Size and Compress Images:

No matter what happens Never choose a small font for a mobile site. It surely is the most important aspect of it which also goes along compress image size for the mobile site making it compatible and easy to involve with when viewing a site on mobile.

  • Don’t Miss on Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP):

This is a must requirement for a friendly mobile site, it makes blogs and other content load faster on mobile devices which not only is a quick service feature but it also gains more rank in search engines with major satisfaction from the viewer population.

In Conclusion:

Mobile friendly websites are today’s concern, and becoming more important than ever.  Now when google is Launching an Armageddon on non-friendly websites, it’s vital to develop effective design methods and optimize sites for a satisfactory User experience.

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