5 Ways to Keep Customers Coming Back to Your eCommerce Store

Are you witnessing a lot of traffic to your e-commerce store, but it isn’t translating into any conversions? There are many reasons for why that is happening to you. With so many different e-commerce stores available to customers and such increased competition, it has become difficult now to keep customers on your e-commerce store. But worry not because we’re here to ensure that the maximum number of customers stay on your e-commerce store and keep coming back. So read on for 5 helpful ways to get that done!

Make Your Site User-Friendly

Customers form an opinion about your website in 0.05 seconds. So make sure your first impression is amazing! Users shouldn’t have to search very hard to find what they are looking for, because this will most likely make them give up and go away. One great way to make your site user-friendly is by adding FAQs, so users have answers to their questions before they even ask them.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Are you noticing full and abandoned shopping carts? This happens because they have time to contemplate and tell themselves they don’t need to spend money. An effective way to stop this is by creating a sense of urgency. Behavioral psychologists suggest that a sense of urgency causes people to act immediately since it gives them no time to contemplate. So add urgent statements like “50% off only for 5 more minutes” to your store.

Collect Feedback

A great way to understand what to improve in order to get more customers to stay on your e-commerce store is by asking them for feedback. This will tell you exactly what your target audience wants, or does not want. A great way to do this is through exit surveys that pop up just when someone is exiting the store.

Incentivize Your Visitors

If you want to keep customers on your store, then incentivize them. Incentives are typically given in the form of small discounts on items that they have been viewing a lot or on items that have been abandoned in their shopping carts. A great way of communicating incentives is through popups that appear before the customer the moment they enter the store.

Make it a Visual Experience

Visualizations help customers remember you better. If they see a picture, then studies show that 65% of users will remember it and the associated information till 3 days. To keep customers on your store, add visuals to make it more attractive. It will also communicate a certain level of creativity and fun across to them, which are positive features to associate your brand within the mind of customers.

Remember – The Customer is Always Right!

Lastly, one important thing to remember is that the focus of your entire store should be on the customer, and ensuring a smooth experience for them. Once you succeed in doing that, with the help of the above 5 mentioned tips together, you will have increased customers in no time

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