How to Write Effective Sales Letters that Promote Your Business

Do you often sit down to write a sales letter to promote your business, but somehow the words never come to you? All those amazing ideas you had just don’t find their way to the paper? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. But to help you with this problem, we’ve come up with some successful tips on writing effective sales letters.

  1. Write as a Customer

An important aspect of a good sales letter is to look at it from the point of view of the customer. This will help you understand what the customer wants to know and write exactly that. The sales letter isn’t supposed to be about what you want to write. For it to be an effective promotional sales letter, it needs to cater to wants of the audience.

  1. Organize the Letter

Remember in school when you were taught that good essays are structured and have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion? The same is true for good sales letters too! The letter should start off with you stating the purpose of the letter. The main body will be your sales pitch itself, and lastly, the conclusion will be a brief summary of all your points state before.

  1. Don’t Overcomplicate It

Sales letters are most effective in promoting your business when they’re easy and simple to read. Write short sentences and short paragraphs, so there isn’t a lot of clutter and mess. Don’t write too formally, instead use a conversational tone.

  1. Grab the Reader’s Attention

One sure way of grabbing your reader’s attention is to add headlines. That’s right, write in big bold letters to communicate the main point that you want so your readers simply cannot miss it out.

  1. Make the Reader Want Your Product

One sure way to write the best sales letter ever is to anticipate the customer’s key question: what’s in it for me? The reader doesn’t want to know all the information you’re throwing at them. They want to know why your product is what they need. That is what your sales letter should be about. This will get the reader excited enough that they will want to buy your product.

One Last Advice

In the end, remember the most key point – a sense of urgency. Customers act more abruptly if they are faced with a sense of urgency. So mention in your letter how the promotion is for a limited time only, so act now.

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