Mobile Apps Now More Important Than Ever Before

People spend more and more time online now than before. There are currently approximately 2.958 billion social media users that are active from their mobile phones. Put these two facts together, and we see that people are slowly spending most of their time online using mobile apps of different social media. This staggering realization alone is enough to signify how mobile apps are becoming increasingly important than any website online. Read on to find out more!

More Mobile Usage Means More App Usage

Let’s take the example of America. In America alone, the average amount an adult spends on his/her phone is a little under 3 hours in one day. By 2019, this amount will grow even more. Add to this the fact that 80 percent of mobile time is spent using mobile apps, and you can see that apps have won, leaving only 20 percent of mobile usage to website browsing.

Better Communication with Mobile Apps

Every single one of your users must use a mobile phone every single day. So what better way to communicate with them than through the device that they use every day? Reaching out to your customers on mobile apps brings your business into the digital age – where all your current and future users exist. Through mobile apps, you will always be near your users, and communication with you will be more accessible than ever before.

Increased Engagement of Users

Mobile apps give businesses a much easier way of engaging their customers since it eliminates a step in the process of reaching the company. You can engage users by sending them to push notifications, since most mobile apps do that to remind users that the app exists, causing them to check information on the app often. Apart from this, you can also use in-app messages and many other tactics to engage users even when they’re in the app actively. Mobile apps also provide an alternative distribution channel.

What This Means for Businesses

If you are a business that works solely based on their website, then it’s high time for you to shift over to the world of mobile apps! This new trend leaves you with two options. Either you start targeting and engaging all your audience through different social media apps since users are spending more time on social media apps now. Or you can come up with an app of your own! Using a mobile app for your business is an innovative solution to this problem, and many companies are doing this. It also makes it easier for your users to access you since you’ll always be on their phone, only a few clicks away.

Time for You to Launch a Mobile App

After having read all the pros of mobile apps and why they’re so important in today’s day and age, how can you still possibly function without one? So take our advice and start working on introducing such an app for your website or business immediately! The myriads of benefits speak for themselves.

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