7 Reasons Why Brands in Dubai Should Advertise On Instagram

Still trying to learn about effective ways to advertise your business and reach the road to your dreams? If yes, then let us look at how easily you can take the first few steps. Technology is moving forward at a very fast and rapid pace and the world around us, the trends in it are changing at a competitive speed too. Most of us are connected on the internet for almost everything we do; we are always connected from our either cellphones or our computers.

This evolution that has taken over the present world has made it a dire need for businessmen and their organizations to migrate the department of advertising and publications to the world that lives online. The online world is faster, efficient and helps to reach customers easily.

If you have a brand, newly established or old set-up in Dubai and if you haven’t gone out in the world of Instagram for your business benefits; then you’re definitely behind the curve.

Here are 7 reasons that can convince you on the undeniable connection between business advertisements and Instagram:

The Rise of Instagram

While several various social media platforms are still used today such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter; Instagram is the latest of these all and the one to top the charts in all ways. It has proved to be the most beneficial out of all the others and has been shown to be mostly used platform by the users all over the world. It has become a must and a powerful tool in the world of business which can form a bridge between you and your customer easily and allow promotion of your business through the medium of advertising.

Increase in Brand awareness

With your business advertisements lines up in on Instagram, customers will stop by and will recognize and recall your brand. A brand in Dubai with its advertisements set up on Instagram will benefit from such subjection. 72% of users have bought a product they saw on Instagram.

Visual Advertising

Instagram allows you to create unique and creative visual advertisements. These ads can be the road to your business achieving big and reaching goals that you had set out for yourself. You can make videos with the various offers Instagram gives you and let your customers have a visual experience that they cannot forget.

Higher Engagement Rate

The engagement rate is higher on Instagram than on any other platforms, hence making Instagram the best to serve the purpose, leaving you with more followers. Instagram delivers 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook and 150 times more engagement per follower than Twitter.

A Better Lead to Find Your Website

With Instagram, you will always have a greater chance of taking your followers to your website via the Instagram ads- this increases effective communication.

Less Input – More Output

You can spend less, but the outputs will always be bigger. Advertising on Instagram costs less; so, advertise your brand today till there are fewer advertisers!

Get into the Elite Category

As soon as you put up an advertisement on Instagram, your business will enter into the top categories present. Advertise while fewer brands are advertising on the magical platform.

You’ve seen for yourself, Instagram is the new customer-rich platform which is ideal to engage with your target audience so start advertising and increase your chances at winning life!

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