5 Selling Skills That Actually Work Today & Some Sales Tactics That Need to Die (Quit Cold Pitching!)

There are many selling techniques in practice that are simply used because they’ve been around for centuries, but they don’t really help. So to help you function better in today’s ever-changing world, we’ve come up with the top 5 selling tactics that work, and some that just don’t!

Selling Techniques that Work

  1. Challenge the Status Quo

Consider the fact that the average buyer sees almost 10,000 ads every day, so you aren’t going to get anywhere with them if you stick to the status quo .Only when you challenge the status quo will you cause enough disruption to be heard and seen.

  1. Discover Your Value Proposition

There will always be similarities between your offer and the competition’s offer, almost 70% similarities normally even. Instead of focusing on those similarities, focus on the differences you bring to the table, which is what your true value proposition is.

  1. Share Impactful Stories

The key is how to make your customers remember the story. That is possible by telling stories with contrasts, like a before and after message to show the impactful change made. Bring in emotions and try to make your story relatable.

  1. Make it All About the Customer

When you’re selling to the customer, who is the hero of your story? Is it the product or the company? It should be your customer! Make the customer the star of your story to win them over.

  1. Introduce 3D Props

3D props are an underrated tool. Props help bring something unexpected to the table, causing the audience to sit up and be more attentive, and also help describe your story better.

Sales Tactics that Need to Die

  1. Quit Cold Pitches

If you’ve been trying your hand at cold pitches for a while now, you must have noticed how they go unnoticed. There are too many reasons for that, like cold pitches are just unsocial selling strategies that drive away customers.

  1. PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint slides have become a boring constant in the sales world. As soon as the slides turn on, the interest levels go down. It isn’t because of the use of PowerPoint. It’s more because of how they’re used at the wrong time for the wrong purpose.

  1. Competing in a “Spec War”

Oftentimes in sales, two companies trigger a spec war in which one company tries to one-up the competition’s latest feature. Instead, the focus should be on what change the customer desires, not on what the competition is doing.

  1. Don’t Sell Benefits

If you follow the status quo, then most likely you will sell by pitching the benefits of the product. What you should be doing is selling change to the customer – convincing them why they need to change in the first place.

  1. Don’t Oversell

If you’re overselling, then you’re lying. Don’t play with the customer’s emotions, don’t lead them astray. Focus on building an honest relationship with them. You might think you can get away with it, but customers today are far more wary of your tricks.

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