How To Respond To Covid-19 Deniers

What is Covid-19

The only way you are not aware of coronavirus, aka Covid-19 at this point, is if you live under a rock. Covid-19 or the Corona Virus has taken 2020 by storm. Not only has it disrupted various proceedings all over the world, but it has also taken thousands of lives. Without proper medicinal tools, there seems to be very little the human race can do to get rid of the coronavirus. Life has become very different since the arrival of this global pandemic. People all over the world have to stay at their homes and practice social distancing to reduce the chances of them catching this disease. 

What do the Covid-19 Deniers say

As hard as it might be to digest, there are plenty of people who still do not quite understand the true destruction that the coronavirus has caused in the previous month or two. These naysayers believe that the coronavirus is not a threat to their existence and that like other global pandemics, it will pass too. Some people, on the other hand, believe that the coronavirus was an intentional plan and that the leak of coronavirus through Wuhan, China was part of a master plan of one of the superpowers of the world, an atrocious belief.

Various clips are surfing the internet, which shows the negligence people are showing to the global pandemic. Some notable celebrities have also been found to show negligence and have denied the strength of the coronavirus. Some people are unaware and misinformed about the coronavirus. These people have to be tacked separately. We shall look at different ways to tackle people that deny the coronavirus in the following paragraphs. 

Covid-19 only affects a small percentage

Many believe that despite Covid-19 being a global pandemic, it only affects a small percentage of the entire population of the world. These deniers believe that if corona would have affected more people by now, then it would have been a force to be wary of. So far, there have been around 480 thousand corona cases, while the world has a population of 7.8 billion. The affected people turn out to be well below one percent. What these deniers do not realize is the sheer speed of the growth of coronavirus cases. Every day there have been more and more cases. Each day more cases, then the previous day. This is what is super alarming. Coronavirus has reached 193 countries at the time of writing this article. It is simply all over the world. Once these people see the exponential growth rates of the effected and fatality rates of coronavirus, they will know that safety from coronavirus cannot be taken for granted.

Other diseases are more dangerous

Many draw examinations between the coronavirus and other diseases like the flu. They point to obsolete examinations that indicate that Covid-19 will not influence many people. They believe that the media is responsible for overdramatizing the coronavirus. This is all irrelevant at this point. Information from China shows that each coronavirus case appears to infect around 2 to 2.5 extra individuals. The normal flu, on the other hand, seems so spread out to just 1.3 other individuals.

We also understand from information directly from China that one out of every five people in China who have the COVID-19 is in a serious condition and need to head to the emergency clinic. This is many times more than flu, according to our understanding. What we need to understand is that every life saved can mean the world to someone’s family. Why not try our best to save it. Besides, the argument that we should not be worried about an ailment as different diseases cause ‘more’ deaths makes no sense.

Covid-19 once diagnosed, can be cured

Many believe that coronavirus can be tackled even after being diagnosed with the coronavirus. The fatality rate of a global pandemic is 2 percent. If you had 100 apples in front of you and you would know that 2 of them have a chance of killing you, then surely you will stay away from eating from that batch of apples. Instead, you would choose a different batch of apples or a different fruit altogether! We cannot leave the coronavirus to be tackled by our immunity system. So far, there has not been a vaccine created for the coronavirus. Various research facilities are working day in and day out to ready the medicine. However, this procedure can take a long time, and up until that point, we need to head into self-isolation.

Covid-19 affects the elderly

Corona does not just affect the elders! Youngsters are in an equal amount of danger. Why the elders have a higher chance of being affected is because of their weaker immune system. With our current diets and living standards, most youngsters do not carry a robust immune system themselves. A report from World Economic Forum states that out of 500 hospitalized individuals’ 18 percent are of the ages 45-54 years while a staggering 20 percent are 20-44 years old. The actual point of concern should be to improve our immune systems. Citric fruits should be consumed to help us do so.

Staying safe during the Corona outbreak

We need to be highly concerned about the rapid growth of COVID-19. Our job is to find a way to limit the effects of the virus, especially as the number of affected keeps growing. There is no need to over reactor to spread panic amongst others. Stay vigilant, and stay calm. COVID-19 will be marked in history as perhaps the worst global pandemic. Corona has affected the economy and the human race in ways that were unimaginable two months ago. It would be months before things get back to how they were. Staying quarantined and informing others of the sheer magnitude of this global pandemic is perhaps the best way to live the next few months. Stay safe!

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