Why Quarantine Can Make You More Creative

Because of the recent events and such an outbreak of a pandemic, it has become very stressful for many people to work. The basic structure of everyday life has been disturbed by it. Everything and everyone around the globe is under quarantine, and they’re scared to go out because if by any chance, they’ll touch such a surface that has a virus, they’ll get COVID-19.

If you’re also stressed, take a chill pill and utilize this time to do some creative things that won’t only boost your confidence and give you the courage to deal with this pandemic, but these creative activities will also awaken an artist inside you!

Being under lockdown and socially distant from everyone, you can get to know yourself better. You can grab a paintbrush and start painting at once, and you’ll realize that you’re good at painting. This creativity was long lost somewhere, and now is the time when you’ll polish it!

Furthermore, being at home all the time might sound boring, but it doesn’t make you boring if you make yourself busy doing tasks that you like to do. If you think that you’re good at writing, you can take out your diary and start writing whatever’s in your heart and mind and transfer it into words on the pages. Your creativity will speak for you, and after this quarantine is over, you’ll have your self-written novel in your hand. It all takes just an initial step, and then, you go with the flow.

You can become more creative at structured coloring as well. Engaging your mind into filling colors in the geometric patterns is very creative as well as meditative. It brings down the stress levels, which are there because of this global problem.

Other than this, if you think you’re a good singer, you can sing songs and even write songs of your own. You always wanted some spare time out of your busy life’s routine, and now you have all the time in the world, so take this opportunity and start writing and singing your next favorite song!

As I said earlier that during quarantine, you have enough time to think, so take your break that you always wished for. Let your inner creativity flourish and an ace at doing work from home! There isn’t anyone around you now while you’re working, so you can say your ideas out loud in the air. When you chat through the various ideas that you have about something, you become very creative, because you go through the whole process of evaluating and validating all the ideas. At last, you choose the most beneficial and creative one!

The key to becoming creative during this tough time is to stop being tough on yourself. Give yourself a break and relaxation that you deserve and take some time out to think about all the ideas that you have, and then, this quarantine will make you more creative!

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