How Lockdown Redefines our Weekends

Perhaps since the starting of lockdown, the majority of people have lost the semblance of time. Without daily activities creating a self-made schedule for people, staying on a track with time has become even harder. Most people have lost track of days and need to ask whether even knowing is important since essentially, we are living the same day over and over again. 

How have Weekends Changed?

Disarray Schedules

The lockdown has redefined most activities for us now in ways we didn’t deem possible. Spending whole days in pajamas, working from home but still being in bed or becoming entirely nocturnal are far too common amongst the majority in lockdown. With having a job, school, and other daily activities requiring us to leave our homes, it was easier to track time. With the lack of school schedules and train times, work meetings, and appointments, perhaps having no schedule has become the norm.

Weekends no longer Weekends

For most people who would work throughout the week or students who would attend school and colleges, weekends were a thing to look forward to, a breakaway for a few days. However, the definition of the weekend may have changed entirely. Either every day is a weekend or weekend is no longer the break we so dearly longed for.

Maybe the biggest downside of all of this has nothing to look forward to. Normally, the weekend is what we all wait for the entire week to be able to catch our breaths on weekends and perhaps engage in some leisure activities. With lockdown issued, finding new ways to define weekends may be essential if we want to keep looking forward to them.

How can we define Weekends in a Lockdown?

Make your Routine

Perhaps the best part of social distancing and self-isolation is for you to craft a schedule that works best for you—taking the pandemic as a blessing in disguise, maybe a positive outlook on it. Finding a schedule that works best for you can maximize productivity as you go through this difficult time. There is no obligation, and making your routine could be great. Working in your most productive hours and taking breaks when needed could keep you upbeat and working hard during this time.

Bring back the Charm of Weekends

There is no doubt weekends are no longer what they used to be and perhaps won’t be for a very long time. If you met friends or family or went out every weekend, these are things you can no longer engage in.

However, there are still ways in which you can keep weekends alive. Doing something special on the weekends could make you keep looking forward to them. Such as trying out a new recipe, or doing a family movie night could keep the charm weekends held intact. Even holding a zoom family meeting might be exciting and keep you looking forward to a weekend to keep some part of your routine alive.

Bringing normalcy back, trying to recreate as much of a schedule as we can during this time, will be effective in getting through this lockdown alive. Just because times are changing doesn’t mean we can’t change with them!

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