How to Work from Home with your Kids during Coronavirus

With parents have to work from home and schools being shut during the lockdown caused by coronavirus outbreak, many parents have started to complain about the challenges of having to manage children and work at the same time. If you’re a struggling parent, here are a few tips on how to juggle kids and work:

  1. Make a Timetable:

To be successful at managing children and work at the same time, you will have to make a schedule that resonates with the schedule that your children follow. Perhaps creating a work schedule around the time your children nap or are busy with lunch would be a smart thing to do if you want to keep working effectively. If you have set some time for your children to be using technology or playing video games, that will provide you more peaceful time to get work done.

  1. Set Boundaries:

To effectively keep working from, you will need to set boundaries with your kids, especially if they’re young. If you are allowing them an extended amount of screen-time, be sure to let them know it is only because you’re working and that this freedom won’t last forever. Moreover, make it known how important the work is for you and how they will need to preoccupy themselves for a few hours every day so as not to disturb you.

  1. Work in Shifts:

If you and your partner are both working from home at the same time, perhaps the easiest way to manage your children will be for both of you to work in shifts, so while one is busy, the other can take care of the children and look after them during the period. Similarly, this will give you both a much more relaxed work environment so you can put in your maximum input, and this will keep the children engaged as well.

  1. Let People Know:

Perhaps this might be a good time to communicate with your employees and your co-workers that you may have to work around a certain schedule or would like a little leverage if your children are too young. If you are attending a business conference call or a meeting giving the disclaimer that your children are around and might account for some background noise may be a good thing to do to let everyone know you’re trying your best.

  1. Breaks are Essential:

Though you may feel obligated to overwork, you may need to take a few breaks here and there to keep your productivity up. Working long hours at a time is easy in an office, but much more challenging to do at home. Taking breaks to manage your children, assign them activities or spend a few minutes with them will recharge you and give your children enough time with you as well to let you go back to work for another hour.

Thus, though it may seem so, it is not impossible to work and look after children at the same time. As long as you know what to do, this will not be so difficult after all!

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