What Are People Wearing To Work From Home This Summer?


It’s no secret, with the trend of the 2020s Corona ordeal, you’re likely to be going through some diverse and versatile feelings. A mixture of these feelings and being cooped up at home is bound to get you to want to feel super comfortable and at ease with a little “Je ne sais qouis.” With summer heating things, we all know we want to look fabulous and feel amazing, so we introduce the best work from home outfits for the summer of 2020. We have the perfect outcome for all our readers out there looking to spice things up in the closet rather than sticking to those basic old sweatpants and shirts.

Elizabeth Suzann linen shorts and Free Label Wrap Top

If you’re looking to beat the heat and stay hip, then the combination of Elizabeth Suzann linen shorts and Free Label Wrap Top is pretty ideal for you. It gives you an airy feel and keeps you in the 90s mood, which is a pretty adamant hype in 2020. It’s the ideal chic look that most people go for, and it is perfect as a work from home outfit. You can always top it off with a messy hair bun bound to give off a lazy and effortless sexy kind of look. Besides, it’s not like you’re going to run into anyone in your apartment hence making it a perfect work from home outfit. 

Crincle Fabric Jogger set from Joe Fresh

When it comes to balancing between formal and informal, a Crincle Fabric Jogger set from Joe Fresh is probably the perfect outfit. It gives a very homey and airy feel that instantly screams relief and sanctities, which is an absolute ideal work from home outfit. It allows you to move freely and catch a breeze here and there. You could be doing chores and instantly jumping on to a zoom conference call while maintaining a formal and chic look.

Celia B Top and Pretty Little Thing jeans

Whether you have to run up and down your house or you have to finish up some editing on your laptop, this outfit combination works perfectly in preventing you from breaking a sweat. It’s bright, vibrant and is just the right amount of cute and pretty. The top adds flair to the way you look, whereas the jeans add abundant comfort, making it easier for you to look amazing and get your work done. The best part of this outfit is that it gives off a 70s hippie look, which perfectly fits the summer fashion trends.

Joe Fresh Jumpsuit

What could be better than an outfit that is easy to wash & wear and jump into at any time, if this is what you are looking for in an outfit, you need to get yourself a Joe Fresh Jumpsuit? It’s comfortable and gives off the right amount of formal/informal look that works perfectly as a work from home outfit. Whether you need to get something from the grocery store or attend a conference call while looking fabulous, then a Jumpsuit from Joe Fresh is the perfect outfit for you.


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