The 12 Food Trends You’re Going To See Everywhere In 2020


The world is in an everlasting changing dynamic whereby everything seems to be advancing or changing. Similarly, you may have noticed that every year the food you eat is innovated or remixed a teeny bit. The idea behind food trends is done to meet people’s demands, especially since many people have started taking health and fitness seriously. This is why we are here to help you figure out the upcoming food trends in 2020 to keep you up to date and ready your taste buds. Hopefully, some of the trends will align with all your foodie desires.

Pea Protein –

Believe it or not, there are people out there who enjoy their greens, maybe a little too much as peas will be powdered or liquid. This innovation may further lead as an alternative to meat for vegans, which is now trending.

Biltong –

If you’re a fan of meat, you’ll love this meat innovation as it is dried and cured. Think of it as a healthier form of jerky as it is naturally hung and air-dried. It comes from South Africa and is hailed as a possible keto lifestyle addition. 

Low sugar chocolate-

Who doesn’t love chocolate? It has a huge demand already. However, with the trend of health and fitness coming up, some people let go of the devil’s temptation; however, low sugar chocolate has got your back. The introduction of dark chocolate will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and satisfy your desires.

Filipino BBQ –

With the discovery and exposure of Filipino BBQ on TV networks like BBC, this form of BBQ has made its mark and is slowly building up to becoming one of the next trends of 2020 with its bright, hot, spicy, and sweet flavors.

Adult ice-cream –

What happens when you combine some good booze and your favorite ice cream? I’m sure that is a dream that many people have been wishing for and might just come true in a 2020 trend.

Seacuterie –

If you’re into dried or cured meat and love your seafood, then this form of cuisine might peak in 2020 as a food trend. Such a fish, like salmon, might just basically be known as sea ham eventually. 

Whey –

Who doesn’t love their dairy products and cheese? If you have a thing for dairy, then the Bi product of cheese is whey, which may start trending as it has an extensive flavor and sweetness.


With the advancement of technology, people have found a way to turn marijuana into a helpful and possible medical product that can be further added to food. It is non-psychoactive and has many possible benefits to it, which is why it has begun to trend. 

Pinsa –

This food trend is an old roman cooking method that has been used by Italians for a while. It may make its mark as it has been seen to make digestion easier with rice, flour, and soy. 

Less use of plastic –

As 2020 peaks, so do global warming and consecutive pollution; however, with the go green movements, the food industry is trying to reduce the use of plastic as people speak up against the use of plastic.

Gnocchi –

This unique food is a form of pasta in the shape of dumplings of which the food industry has taken an interest in innovating the flavors behind Gnocchi.

Flexitarianism –

We all know that vegetarianism is peaking. However, Flexitarianism is based on people who have a diet that consists largely of plant-based meals; however, they also intake meat and animal bi-products. These are the same people who use meat alternatives, which show that it may be a growing food trend.


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