Mystery & Suspense Thriller – “Darker than Blood”


Genre: Mystery Thriller & Suspense


Anthony, a young graduate straight out of law school, goes to spend the summer in LA; that’s where he lands an internship at the movie’s set with a mysterious yet equally charming girl named Abigail. When a horrific accident happens onset, and the life of a Star is lost, production gets canceled, and Anthony is left with nothing to do. He reaches out to Abigail, and that’s when things get even more twisted; it seemed that the girl had disappeared into thin air, and when he goes to the police, there seemed to be no record of a girl named Abagail. Strange things start happening around him, and soon he finds himself caught in a mystery; just as he tracks down the girl who seemed like more of a ghost, he learns who she truly is, and then the big question remains.

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